Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Hidden Gems

The City of Chicago has a plethora of programs to support the needs of its widespread community. The biggest problem is many people either are unaware of the existence of the programs or just plain talk themselves out of eligibility before taking the most important step:  Applying.
I was engaging in convo with an experienced lender at a pretty solid local bank in Chicago when he casually mentioned a program that loans up to $10,000.00 with a Zero percent interest rate over the payback period of 5 years. I immediately halted the conversation in awe of the statements he had just casually laid out. As he repeated it I had already started typing this blog in my mind.

This is a great tool to spearhead projects in your own home which ultimately effect your equity on the positive side of things. Click the link below and take a look and if it can't work for you do me the favor and spread the information along to others who may be able to benefit from this program. Don't be a hoarder be a spreader.

Southwest Home Equity Assurance Program

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